Create a Certificate


Certificates are a powerful way to recognize and celebrate achievements within your learning platform. This guide will walk you through the process of creating and designing certificates using MangoApps. There are two main approaches to certificate creation: starting from scratch or duplicating from an existing template.

Ways to Create Certificates

Create from Scratch

Begin with a blank canvas and build your certificate from the ground up. This option offers complete creative freedom to design a certificate that suits your specific needs.

Duplicate from Existing Templates

Choose from existing out-of-the-box certificate templates or use your custom certificate as a base. This streamlines the design process, providing a foundation for customization.

Designing Your Certificate Template

Once you are in the Certificate Editor, the initial step involves naming your certificate template and selecting or uploading a background image for the certificate.

Name & Background

Customize the border style for web, mobile, or print display. You have the option Choose from pre-existing backgrounds or upload your own.

When uploading your own image, use the built-in image cropper for precise background selection. The recommended image size is 1100 px x 850 px.

Design Template

In the following step, you can personalize the layout of your certificate template using either direct HTML/CSS support and Substitution Tags/Variable Data.

Utilize HTML/CSS to add richness and sophistication to your certificates. Experiment with colors, fonts, and other styling elements. Tailor the layout and message using the certificate content editor. Leverage the full power of HTML/CSS to add text, colors, font styles, and more.

The real-time preview area enables an instant visualization of style and content changes, ensuring that the certificate meets your expectations. MangoApps offers over 20 substitution variables, encompassing user, course, and company fields. Integrate dynamic data into your certificates for a personalized touch.

Out-of-the-Box Certificate Templates

MangoApps simplifies the process for administrators with four system certificate templates:

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Certificate of Participation

  • Certificate of Recognition

  • Certificate of Excellence

These templates serve as starting points, making it easier to get started on creating certificates tailored to different occasions and achievements.

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