Course Fields


In the Course Fields tab, admin users can customize the sections that admin/LMS admins will be prompted to fill in when creating a course. The sections created here will become the Course Fields step during the course creation process.

This guide outlines the capabilities, configurations, and out-of-the-box sections available for effective course details management.

Sections & Fields

The system supports the ability to organize the course and curriculum details into sections. Each section can include pre-shipped fields and custom fields designed to showcase your company's training information.

Out-of-the-box, MangoApps features four sections with fields:

  • Overview: This section includes fields such as course name, description, featured video, and featured image.

  • Details: This includes fields like course code, category, credit hours, instructor, language, and more.

  • Certification: This includes fields related to certificates, certificate validity, and more.

  • Resources: This includes a field called "training material," allowing the attachment of files.

Drag & drop a section or course field to change the order in which they appear. Hover over a section or course field and click on the edit icon to change its properties. Field properties can be configured, allowing for:

  • Marking them as required or optional

  • Setting up the maximum character limit

  • Making them available as a search filter in the course catalog for all users.

For information on creating Custom Fields, click here.

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