Course Quizzes

Use quiz type course chapters to test the understanding of the learners who have gone through the chapters in self-paced learning courses.

Getting Started

After selecting Quiz from the content options, you will be prompted to enter a unique title for your quiz. You are also given the option to select a title icon and create a description for your quiz chapter.

Once these items are created, click the Create Quiz button to be taken to the Quiz creation wizard.

Create Quiz

The quiz creation wizard consists of 5 steps, which we will cover below. For the purpose of example, we will continue setting up Acme's annual compliance training.

So far, our HR director, Adela, has created multiple chapters of safety information required by the company to maintain safety standards and compliance. For evidence that the learners are actually understanding and going through the content satisfactorily, she would like to include a quiz at the end of the course.


First, select a quiz template. You can choose between:

Blank Template - As the name implies, this template is blank, allowing you to choose whether to use Multiple Choice or Text questions. You also have the option to mix and match at your discretion.

Questions with Multiple Choice Answers - This template provides 2 multiple choice questions to start. Click the Add Question button to add more multiple choice questions or add a text based question.

Questions with Multiple Choice and Text Answers - This template starts your quiz out with 1 multiple choice multiple answer, 1 multiple choice 1 answer, and one text based response question. More questions can be added and answer preferences can be changed at any time before publishing.

If you are unsure which template to start with, click Preview next to each option to see an interactive preview of the template in action.

Once a template has been selected, it CANNOT be changed. We highly recommend previewing your template before you move forward to the next step.

At any point during the Design Step, you can add or delete template questions.

Returning to our example case, Adela wishes to include both multiple choice questions as well as a couple text based questions. She chooses the third template option.


After a template has been selected, you will be taken to Step 1: Properties. In this step you will assign a unique title and visual style for your quiz.

Your chosen Title will appear in the notification/news feed/email sent to learners and anywhere the Quiz is listed.

In the Description, detail instructions and expectations for the Quiz. This description will appear on the first page of the Quiz.

Select an easily recognized Featured Image (recommended Size 450 x 278px) for your quiz. This option allows you to upload your own image or choose an image from the icon and image galleries.

For added customization, choose a color for the Left Panel Background from the drop down menu. This will become the background color of the panel where the featured image appears when learners take the quiz.

Click Save & Continue to proceed to the next step. You can also click the dropdown carat next to this button to Save as Draft & Exit and return to the quiz editor later.


In this section, you will be able to add questions to your quiz. If you chose a template other than Blank, a couple questions will already be populated for you.

Click on a pre-populated question or click the Add Questions button to begin adding your content.

Clicking/Adding a question will bring up the Edit Question Pop-up menu.

Multiple Choice Questions

Create a unique question using the rich text editor then populate your answer choices. A minimum of 2 answer choices are required. Each response can contain up to 500 characters and you also have the option to include and emoji.

Multiple choice questions also have the option to become multi-choice checkbox style questions. By default, the Multiple choices can be selected? will be toggled off. Toggle this option ON to enable users to pick more than one choice as their answer. If toggled OFF, users can only pick one choice as their answer for this question.

Text-Based Response Questions

The option also exists to create short response questions for quizzes. After creating your question, you can set a minimum and maximum character limit for the user response and customize the field box height that will appear for users to answer in.

NO EDITS can be made to quiz design content after the course in which it is featured has been published.


In this section you ca set up completion and passing criteria, customize the user message on completion, and decide which roles have access to the quiz insights.

Passing Criteria

This section enables you to establish the criteria for passing or failing, either by the number of correctly answered questions or the percentage of correctly answered questions. In most quizzes, the default option is to assess based on the count of correctly answered questions out of the total. However, quizzes with a substantial number of questions may opt for evaluating pass/fail based on the percentage of questions answered correctly instead.


This section enables you the ability to customize what criteria will consider a course marked "completed". When checked, you can allow a chapter to be considered "completed" only after a quiz is passed or after a quiz is attempted. The latter case works in conjunction with the following section, Repetitions.

The section also lets you configure whether on quiz completion the learner is shown the correct answers. Choose between "if the learner passed" or "always show the correct at the end". Unchecking this option will not show the learner the correct answers. If a quiz allows retakes, we recommend leaving this box unchecked.


You can either enable the option for self-paced retakes or disable it entirely. If you opt for retakes, decide whether they are accessible only to learners who didn't pass the quiz initially or open to all learners, irrespective of their initial quiz result. Additionally, you have the choice to set a maximum number of retakes per learner. If you prefer not to impose a limit, you can leave this option unchecked.


This sections allows you the option to randomize the order of questions and/or answers. Enable this option if you wish to present multiple-choice question options to the user in a random sequence. Conversely, if left unchecked, the choices for all multiple-choice questions will be presented in the predetermined order outlined in the design step.

IMPORTANT: When utilizing the randomization option, exercise caution if your questions include answer choices with "and" or "both." This feature may disrupt the order of answers, potentially causing confusion and incorrect responses. It is recommended to review and adjust question structures accordingly to avoid any issues with the randomization effect.

Other Settings

Choose whether to allow learners the ability to navigate to the next question without answering the current one. If checked, users can proceed to the next question without responding to the current one. Conversely, if left unchecked, users must answer the current question before being permitted to move on to the next one.

Quiz Message

This section allows you to configure the messages that learners will encounter based on their quiz performance. You can set up distinct messages for when a learner achieves a passing score and when they fall short of the pass score. Customize these messages to provide tailored feedback and guidance to learners depending on their quiz outcomes.


Before publishing your quiz, take advantage of the preview step to review quiz structure and content. Be aware that once the quiz is created, questions cannot be edited.

During the preview, you won't be obligated to answer required questions, even if free navigation disabled in the Preferences step.

It's crucial to note that, at this stage, you maintain complete control to edit your quiz. Therefore, it is strongly advised to thoroughly check your questions and settings before proceeding with the Save & Continue action.

Edits to Quizzes After Publishing a Course

Although you are unable to make edits to questions after the course has been published, you will have limited edit capabilities for quiz preferences.

You will retain edit access to the following properties:

  • Completion criteria

  • Retake preferences

  • Question and Answer randomization settings

  • Custom pass/fail message

Additionally, you now have access to a new setting that enables notifications to be sent to assigned learners, notifying them when another learner has completed the quiz. If checked, every individual within the intended audience will receive notifications when someone responds, regardless of their individual account notification preferences. If unchecked, notifications will be sent based on each participant's personal account notification preferences, including the creator. This setting is exclusive to domain and team administrators.

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