Instructor Led Training


In conjunction with or separate of self-paced courses, users can easily enroll in scheduled virtual or classroom Instructor-Led Training (ILT) sessions. This guide will walk you through the process of enrolling in ILT sessions, exploring course details, and highlighting the post-training benefits available through the Mango LMS platform.

ILT Course Details Page

The ILT (Instructor-Led Training) Course Details Page provides users with a comprehensive overview, mirroring the structure of Self-Paced Courses. It includes essential information such as the course introduction, details about the instructor, credit hours, estimated duration, upcoming session details, user question and answers, user ratings, and convenient access to learner progress.

Users can easily navigate through upcoming sessions, exploring a list of ILT sessions across all locations and filtering sessions based on specific locations. This centralized page enhances user experience by consolidating crucial details and facilitating efficient engagement with ILT courses.

Enrolling for an ILT Session

When enrolling for an ILT (Instructor-Led Training) session, users have distinct options based on the enrollment settings. With self-enrollment turned on, users can conveniently enroll in upcoming sessions directly from the web browser or mobile app. Conversely, when self-enrollment is turned off, users can follow the provided instructions for course enrollment.

The system allows users to switch to another upcoming session if the maximum enrollment capacity has not been reached. Enrolled sessions are readily visible in the 'Enrolled Sessions' section on both the My Learning page and the Course Details page. For added flexibility, users can cancel their enrollment directly from the course details page, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience.

On Completion of the ILT Course

Upon successful completion of an ILT (Instructor-Led Training) session, learners can enjoy several benefits to acknowledge their achievement:

  • My Learning Page: Easily locate the completed course listed on your My Learning page.

  • Certificate: Receive a certificate if one has been set up for the course.

  • Credit Hours and Training Time: Add the earned course credit hours and training time to your learner profile.

  • My Course Summary: View the updated My Course Summary on the course details page for a comprehensive overview of your learning journey.

Congratulations on successfully enrolling in and completing your Instructor-Led Training session! If you have any questions or need assistance, please refer to the User Q&A section or reach out to your LMS administrator for support.

Happy learning!

If you are an instructor or admin user looking to create an ILT session, click here!

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