Mass Actions

Save time & effort by performing an action on a set of courses/curriculums at once. Click one or more boxes next to a course name to get started.

Mass actions include:

  • Assign/Un-Assign Categories – Select multiple courses/curriculums and assign them to one or more categories.

  • Set Hashtags – Add/replace one or more hashtags associated the selected courses. Within the Hashtags pop-up menu you will also have the option to Replace existing hashtags for all selected courses. When the box is checked, the entered hashtags will REPLACE all existing hashtags on the selected courses. When un-checked the above entered hashtags will be ADDED to the hashtags already associated with the selected courses.

  • Set Custom Fields – Select multiple courses/curriculums, then select the custom fields and set values for the custom fields to be updated

  • Archive/Unarchive - Selected courses/curriculum will be archived/un-archived.

  • Edit Visibility - Change the visibility level for all selected courses/curriculums. For information on the different visibility levels, click here.

  • Edit Governance - This section enables you to choose an archival or review time period for the course. It is strongly recommended to activate this option to ensure that course/curriculum information remains current. Select To be reviewed from the dropdown menu will create an additional dropdown menu, allowing you to set a timeframe interval after the course's last review date to re-enter a review state. In this context, the last review date is the date when the item was added under auto governance, and the next review date will be automatically calculated based on the selected time period.

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