Create a Transcript Template


Admin users in MangoApps have the flexibility to create personalized transcript templates, much like the process for certificates. This guide provides an overview of transcript template creation, covering template properties, design options, and the incorporation of substitution tags for dynamic content.

To get started, click the Create Custom Transcript button along the top right of the Manage Transcripts Template menu.

Template Properties

The first step includes naming your template, deciding what course information to include, and selecting a background image.

Course Progress

Utilize this setting to determine whether only completed courses should be included in the transcript, or if all courses, regardless of completion status, should be considered.

Course Filters

Use this advanced filter to define the conditions that courses must meet to be included in the transcript.

Select Background

Pick from a range of out-of-the-box backgrounds or upload your own (recommended size: 850 px x 1100 px). Utilize the built-in image cropper for precise and customized background selection.

Design Template

In this step, you will configrue the content fields for the transcript template. The transcript content editor supports HTML/CSS for extensive customization.

The real-time preview area along the right hand side of the editor enables an instant visualization of style and content changes, ensuring that the template meets your requirements. MangoApps offers over 20 substitution variables, encompassing user, course, and company fields. Integrate dynamic data into your certificates for a personalized touch.

Once all your edits have been made, click Save! Your template will become immediately available for use to users with permission to generate transcripts.

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