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MangoApps' Action Center and integrated to-dos provide a streamlined and efficient way to manage your learning and training requirements. Whether you're an individual user or a manager overseeing a team, leveraging the Action Center will undoubtedly contribute to a more organized and productive learning experience within your company.

Action Center Widget

Upon logging into MangoApps, you'll find the Action Center widget on your dashboard. This dynamic tool displays courses and curriculums that require your attention, keeping you on track with your learning goals.

Domain Admin Customization

Domain administrators have the power to add the 'Action Center' widget to all user dashboards. The widget includes Action Required, Attention Needed, and more sections, offering users a quick snapshot of their impending tasks and deadlines.

Automatic Count Management

Mango LMS automates count management in the summary rings for 'Action Required' and 'Attention Needed' for all users. This feature ensures accurate and real-time representation of pending tasks, aiding users in prioritizing their learning goals effectively.

Automated Staff List Management

For managers, Mango LMS not only automates the 'Staff's List' but also highlights approaching or past-due courses for their direct reports. This proactive approach empowers managers to address training needs promptly, fostering a culture of continuous learning within the team.

Integrated To-Dos

Automatic Todo Items

Courses and curriculums due for completion in the next 30 days automatically appear as a Todo item in the learner's 'Action Required' section. Likewise, those due within the next 30 to 90 days appear in the 'Attention Needed' section of the Todo module. This feature ensures that learners are consistently aware of impending deadlines.

Shared Todos for Direct Reports

Courses and curriculums due for completion by a user's direct reports will automatically appear as "Shared Todos of" filter in the Todos module. This integration streamlines the managerial oversight process, providing managers with a consolidated view of their team's training requirements.

Smart Reminders Integration

User's Todo reminder settings, accessible under 'Change My Settings > Smart Reminders,' are seamlessly integrated with LMS course Todo items. Enabling smart reminders ensures that users receive timely notifications for impending deadlines, contributing to a proactive and organized learning experience.

Automated Updates

Any newly assigned course with a due date within the next 30 or 90 days automatically populates your Action Center. Likewise, completed courses are promptly removed, keeping your list current and relevant.

Action Required & Attention Needed To-Dos

Visibility Settings

By default, both 'Action Required' and 'Attention Needed' todos are visible to individual users and their direct managers. This transparent approach facilitates clear communication and accountability within the organization.

Drill-Down Capability

The clickable summary rings in the Action Center provide users with the ability to drill down and access a detailed list of todos and courses that need completion within the next 30 days or the next 90 days. This feature empowers users to manage their tasks effectively and stay on top of their learning goals.

My Staff’s Action Center

Overview of Direct Reports

For managers, the Action Center extends to overseeing the progress of their direct reports.

Status Indicators

  • Approaching: Indicates a course or curriculum due within the next 90 days.

  • Overdue: Indicates that the due date for a course or curriculum has passed.

Interactive Features

Managers can click on the picture or name of a direct report to access their specific list. This feature streamlines the managerial oversight process, allowing quick and easy access to staff training status.

Tips for Effective Use

Regularly Check Your Action Center

Make it a habit to check your Action Center regularly. This ensures you stay informed about upcoming deadlines and can plan your workload accordingly.

Utilize the Drill-Down Feature

Take advantage of the drill-down feature to get a comprehensive view of the courses and curriculums that require your attention. This allows for better planning and prioritization.

Stay Proactive as a Manager

For managers, staying proactive is key. Address approaching deadlines and overdue courses promptly to ensure your team is on track with their training and development.

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