Public Portal


MangoApps' Learning Management System (LMS) empowers organizations to share their knowledge with a wider audience through a Public Course Catalog. This catalog acts as a directory of courses visible to unregistered or non-logged-in users on the web. To make the most of this feature, domain or Learn Module administrators must enable the Public Catalog. Courses listed in the Public Catalog have a visibility setting of 'Public,' allowing them to reach a broader audience.

Toggle the Public Course Catalog view ON to view additional menu options.


Administrators can configure the page header, including the page heading, sub-heading, page banner, and even the public URL, offering a personalized touch to the learning environment.

Additionally, administrators have the power to customize the course area, specifying headings, sub-headings, and grouping courses by categories. This flexibility ensures that the Public Catalog aligns seamlessly with your organization's branding and objectives.

Admins also have the option to set whether the courses will appear in category view or by course.

The courses that will appear within this public catalog are those whose visibility has been set to Public. For information on setting course visibility, click here.

Though course information is public, in order to enroll in the course, the user MUST log into the domain.

User Experience

Unregistered users can easily explore all the course and curriculum details without the need to log in. By clicking on the course thumbnail or title, users gain access to comprehensive information about the courses available in the Public Catalog. However, to actively participate and take a course or curriculum, users will need to log in to MangoApps, ensuring a secure and personalized learning experience.

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