My Certificates


Certificates in Mango LMS are a testament to your learning achievements, customized with your company's branding and logo. From the My Certificates tab, users can access, view, and manage their earned course certificates.

If you haven't earned any certificates, the My Certificates tab will not appear.

Accessing Certificates

To access certificates, network an guest users can navigate to the My Certificates tab within the Learn module, where certificates for successfully completed courses or curricula are available. Once accessed, users can view certificates online or opt to download a PDF copy for their records.

Certificates remain accessible as long as the user has continued access to the MangoApps domain.

Learner Profile

Certificates received by both network and guest users are prominently displayed on the learner's profile, contributing to a comprehensive Learner Profile. These certificates are visible to everyone viewing the user's profile, ensuring recognition for the learner's accomplishments.

Certificates will only be featured on a user's profile once the associated course has been successfully completed.

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