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Curriculum or Program


Curriculum/programs in Mango LMS allow companies to design a blended learning experience and deliver on their customer training & employee training requirements
  • Curriculum/Program Details page

    • User gets to view an engaging curriculum/program details page with the curriculum intro video/image, instructor info, credit hours, estimated duration and more
    • User gets to see a list of the courses that are part of the curriculum/program.
    • The courses in the curriculum/program can be self-paced and/or instructor-led. Combining both types of courses provides a blended learning experience for learners
    • Questions & answers that have been asked and answered by other users is available to see for all users (if the domain admin/LMS admin has turned on this feature)
    • Users can ask a question at any time (before starting / during the curriculum / on completion of the curriculum) on the curriculum details page
    • Users can get the following insights about the curriculum
      • Learners who are currently taking this curriculum & the learners who have completed the curriculum
      • Rating & reviews the curriculum has received from learners who have completed it
      • No of views the curriculum has had from users in your domain
    • User can pin the curriculum and make it available to My Pinned section in My Learning home page in order to get back to it easily
  • Starting a Curriculum/Program

    • When self-enrolment is ON for the curriculum, then the user can take the curriculum at anytime from web browser or mobile app.
    • When self-enrolment is OFF for the curriculum then the user needs to follow the enrolment instructions provided by the LMS admin/instructor to start the curriculum
    • If the LMS admin/instructor has setup one or more pre-requisite courses/curriculum to be completed then the user will be prompted to complete the pre-requisites before they can start the curriculum
    • Based on the step sequence & course sequence setup by the LMS admin/instructor the user will be required to go thru’ the steps & courses
    • User can exit the curriculum and resume from where they left at anytime
    • My course summary card visible only to the user on the curriculum details page tells them of their progress at any time
  • On Completion of a Curriculum/Program

    • Leaner will
      • See the completed curriculum on their My learning page
      • Receive a certificate for the curriculum (if a certificate has been setup)
      • Get the curriculum credit hours added to their name (if the curriculum has credit hours)
      • Get the training time added to their name
      • See the My Course Summary updated on the curriculum details page