Start a Course

The Courses section will display all courses by simply scrolling down until all the courses load.
The Top menu has some important options which are:
  • Reorder Courses - opens a new window, where you select the category to organize. Once you select a category that has courses assigned to it you can re-order them, this is helpful if these should go in a specific order, as users will typically select from the top down.
    • Reset to the system default is found in the top right and this makes the courses order themselves according to the most recently updated courses, meaning if you make an edit this will then become a recently updated course.
    • Save and Save then exit are self explanatory.
  • ​
  • Create New Course
    • Create New Curriculum
    • Import SCORM Course
The Course list has a number of columns of helpful data which are the following:
  • Name - which contains the unique name of the course along with the rating (if one is available) and type such as "Self Paced Learning", "Instructor Led Training", "Curriculum"
  • Category - this is how courses get organized, this column shows what category has been assigned by the creator.
  • Status which are:
    • Active - which means it's live and available to the audience (see visibility) You can Archive active courses.
    • Draft - A preliminary version usually being worked on, if you have not yet published your course it will be in a draft. You can publish a draft.
    • Archived - A course that was once Active but now is in an archived state, kept as historical records. You can Unarchive these records to become active courses again.
  • Visibility - This illustrates the audience the course will target and become available to. Some examples are:
    • Private – The curriculum is not visible in the course catalog. A link of this curriculum is needed to see and take it.
    • Specific Users – The curriculum is visible in the course catalog only to the users who are added here.
    • Specific Teams – The curriculum is visible in the learn module of teams that are listed here and in the course catalog to the members of the team.
    • Specific Location – The curriculum is visible in the course catalog to users who belong to the location listed here.
    • Entire Company – The curriculum is visible to everyone in the company.
    • Public – The curriculum is visible to everyone in the company and to everyone on the internet.
  • Views - The number of users who have viewed the course.
  • Last Updated On - Any edits to the Actual course or it's contents.