Private Cloud Release Updates: What to Expect ?

This article is a high-level overview of the backup, instance sequence and communication details that come with each upgrade.

What is Backed Up Before New MangoApps Releases? The MangoApps private cloud database is automatically backed up every night. Backups are maintained for 31 days. During any software update, the database is not backed up prior to the upgrade. In the unlikely event that a database restore from backup is necessary, you may lose the most recent data (up to 24 hours max).

All other aspects of the MangoApps software stack (application server, back-end server, configuration files, deployment topology etc.) is backed up in real-time when changes are made to them. So, no special backup is made (or needed) before a new MangoApps release.

How Can I Mitigate Risk Associated With a New Software Version? For customers who want to validate the software before deploying it to their production environment, MangoApps recommends a separate staging server. Separate servers enable you to deploy new versions on the staging environment first for verification. The verification process can be long or short, depending on your needs. Once verified, the same version can then be deployed into production.

How Do I Communicate New Releases to Employees? The best practices for communicating a release to your employees include sharing the MangoApps release notes with members of the MangoApps domain. Your MangoApps Customer Success Manager (CSM) makes these release notes available to at-least 2 weeks ahead of time. You can also find these release notes on Communicating the release notes to employees can happen in many ways. We recommend a simple update in a Default Group such as “Everyone”.

How Much Downtime Should We Expect During New Releases? New MangoApps releases typically take, on average, 10 minutes to complete. If you would like to communicate an exact time to employees, please work with your CSM to schedule a fixed date and time-range.

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