What are the MangoApps preferred Ubuntu installation steps?

Below are the steps to install Ubuntu Linux Server (extended support) using the MangoApps-preferred configuration. A preferred configuration effectively guarantees a painless and successful MangoApps On-Premise deployment. MangoApps currently support Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (screenshots below are for illustrative purchases only and may vary).Other configurations may cause problems and require a clean install of Ubuntu.

It is recommended that you follow these steps which, in general, makes the default choices and installs the minimal packages. The steps and screenshots are shown for each user interaction during the install process.

Preferred Installation Steps

  • Choose the language that the Ubuntu installation steps will be presented.

  • Choose “Install Ubuntu Server”.

  • Choose your language for default installation language.

  • Choose your time zone region.

  • Choose “No” for auto-detecting your keyboard layout.

  • Choose your origin country for your keyboard layout from the presented list.

  • Choose your keyboard layout from the presented list.

  • Type “ubuntu” for your hostname. This will be changed while MangoApps is being installed.

  • Provide a real name (and remember what you typed) for the first user on this Ubuntu installation.

  • Based on the real name of the first user type a user ID for the first user’s username or choose “mango” as the user name.

  • Type and remember the password for the first user.

  • Confirm by re-typing and remembering the password for the first user.

  • Choose “No” for encrypting the home directory of the first user.

  • Confirm or change the timezone that is detected.

  • Choose “Guided – use entire disk and set up LVM” for the partitioning method.

  • Choose the proper disk if there’s a list. This is an important choice because the data on the drive you choose will be permanently erased.

  • This is your last chance before data is erased on the disk you have chosen. Confirm your choice.

  • Choose the default. If the default looks too small or too big, go back and make sure.

  • Confirm the partitions.

  • This step is usually skipped. If an HTTP proxy is necessary, try the configuration and if an error occurs, contact your MangoApps account manager or support person.

  • Choose “No Automatic Updates”.

  • This is important. Choose ONLY “OpenSSH server” from the list. Installing additional packages will likely be cause to reformat and restart this process.

  • Usually there is only Ubuntu Server installed on the machine, but in the case of other configurations, you may get an alternate prompt. The goal is to install GRUB onto the MBR of this machine. If you are unsure, contact MangoApps support or your account manager.

  • If you see this screen and followed the previous steps, you’re ready for MangoApps to be deployed on your Ubuntu server.

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