MangoApps performance and scaling

MangoApps system components

Primary scaling considerations

Unique Scaling Challenges

How we Solve Them

  • Follow/Following Model combined with real-time notifications

    • Company leaders typically get followed by all employees creating a 1 -> thousands model

  • Real-time chat

  • Real-time feed aggregation and analysis

  • Complex user, data and permissions relationships

  • Large data sets

  • Horizontal and vertical system scaling

  • Real-time, look-ahead, UI components as oppose to list style UI

  • Ajaxified UX components

  • Light-weight, persistent socket connections for real-time data push

    • 3 tiered caching

  • Memcached -> MemcacheDB -> DB

  • JS/CSS bundling and use of CDN for static contents

  • On-going monitoring using various tools

MangoApps server architecture

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