Knowledge base & documentation for your teams


Wikis module is the documentation platform for your teams to document everything from products, to APIs and internal knowledge-bases. Wikis support full revision control, comparison between two versions, access history and ability to rollback to meet your documentation requirements.

Typical use-cases of Wikis

  • Product documentation for teams

  • Knowledge base for teams

  • Best practices documentation

  • Help guides

  • Functional specifications

  • Design specifications

  • Training manual

  • Research report

  • How to articles

  • Troubleshooting articles

  • FAQs

  • Company handbook

  • Employee on-boarding guide

  • Sales playbook

  • Marketing team playbook

  • Content marketing guide

  • Customer success guide

  • Competitors watch

  • Press relations guide

  • Talent acquisition guide

  • Job descriptions

  • Job offer guides and templates

  • Lead generation process

  • Marketing plan

  • Product planning process

  • Product road-map and plan

  • Product specifications

From the app, click on More

Next, click on Wikis

  1. Wiki list view options

    1. Recent: All recently accessed wikis

    2. Pinned: Wikis you have pinned for easy access

    3. Drafts: Wikis that you have started writing but have not published

    4. My Wikis: Wikis that you created and published

    5. All Wikis: All wikis made available to you

  2. Quick Find: Search for wiki that covers your desired topic. The search will search all the wikis available to you, for the words your search for.

  3. Wiki: Click on any wiki to open. To open the menu options, click the down arrow.

  1. Copy Link: Get a link to share with other users. If the wiki hasn't been shared with the user, the user will receive an error message that they do not have access to view the wiki.

  2. Rename: If you were the author of the wiki, you will have the option to rename the wiki

  3. Move: Move the team the wiki is shared with and/or the folder it lives in

  4. Delete: If you were the author of the wiki, you have the option to delete the wiki

  5. Cancel: Cancel the process

Create a Wiki

Click on Pencil and select Create a Wiki

  1. Select the team you want to share the wiki with

  2. Enter the title of your wiki

  3. Enter the content of your wiki

  4. Click the plus sign to open more menu options. You can select from"

    1. Take a photo

    2. Add from gallery

    3. Record audio

    4. Attach file

  5. Once you are satisfied, click on Publish

Review a Wiki

When you open a wiki, you have options with it.

  1. Three dot menu

    1. Copy link for sharing

    2. Move wiki to different location

    3. If you are an admin or the author of the wiki, you can delete it

  2. Body of wiki

  3. Total Views of wiki and who has viewed it

  4. Add a Reaction to the wiki

  5. If permitted write a comment

  6. Pin wiki for easy access

To utilize templates for your wikis, you will need to access the full web version.

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