To Do Lists

Keep track of everything you need to do

MangoApps To Do Lists makes it easy to create and stay on top of your to do lists.

Your To Do List is a great way to keep on top of everything you need to get done, and with the MangoApps mobile app, you are never far from your to do list.

Access Your To Do List

From the menu, select To Do

  1. Pending: To Do items that have not yet been marked complete

  2. Completed: To Do items that have been marked complete

  3. Shared with You: To Do lists that have been shared with you

  4. Three Dot Menu: Options for your To Do list

    1. Manage Sections

    2. Refresh List

  5. Quick Find: Quickly search for and find items on your to do list

  6. Visibility: The visibility availability of items on your to do list. You can share items or set them to private so that they are only visible to you.

To Do List Options

Select the Three Dot Menu

  1. Manage Sections: Manage the available sections. You can Add or Edit sections from here, without going to the web version

  2. Refresh List: Click to refresh the list of to do items to ensure any changes made on the web version, are captured in the mobile view.

Add to To Do List Item

From the To Do List screen, click the Pencil.

Click Add a To Do

Type in your to do item. Next, click Add.

Your newly added item will immediately appear on your list.

Manage Your To Do List Items

Select a to do list item.

  1. Check Mark: Mark a to do list item complete

  2. Trash Can: Delete an item. The system does not verify that you wish to delete the item and this process cannot be undone

  3. Status: Change an item status from Pending to Completed

  4. Section: Select the section the to do list item should be housed

  5. Due Date: Select the due date for your to do list item

Manage Sections and Add New Ones

Select the three dot menu. Then, tap on Manage Sections.

  1. Plus Sign: Add new sections

  2. Edit: Edit current sections

To add a new section, select the plus sign.

  1. Section Name: Name your section and enable by selecting the toggle

  2. Description: Provide a short description for the section

  3. Color: Select the color your section

  4. Who Can View: Select who can view to do items in this section. You can select from:

    1. Only Me

    2. My Manager

    3. Specific User

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