Working with Tasks in Mobile

Tasks in Projects

Click on the More menu and select Projects.

From the selected project, click on the three dot menu.

Then, select Tasks

  1. Pending: These are tasks that have not been started yet

  2. Delegated: Tasks you have delegated to other users

  3. Order: Change the order of the tasks:

    1. By sequence

    2. By priority

    3. By Due Date

  4. Completed: Tasks that have been completed

  5. Quick Find: Quickly search for and find a task

  6. Tasks: List of tasks, click on a task to open it

Individual Tasks:

Click on More and select Tasks

Tap on the task you want to work with.

Create a Task in Mobile

Click on the Pencil to open the menu.

Now, select Create a Task

  1. Enter Task Details: Enter the details of your newly create task

  2. Priority: Set the priority level for the task. The priority levels will vary based upon what you have configured.

  3. Task Type: Set the Task Type. Your option will vary based upon what you have configured.

  4. Due: Set the due date for the task

  5. Visibility: Choose the visibility for the task:

    1. Private

    2. Everyone in Network

  6. Additional Notes: Add any necessary additional notes to the Task

  7. In Project: Select the project to add the task to

  8. Responsible: Select the person or persons responsible for the task

  9. Acceptors: Who can accept a task as complete

  10. Milestones: Milestones towards task completion

  11. Best Case: The best case scenario for how long it will take for the task to be completed

  12. Worst Case: The worst case scenario for how long it will take for the task to be completed

  13. Camera:Take a photo or video to add to the task

  14. Photo: Upload a photo to attach to the task

  15. Microphone: Record audio to attach to the task

  16. File: Attach a file to the task

  17. Save: Click on Save to create the task

How to Start and Finish the Task from mobile

Navigate to your Project or Personal Tasks

Select a task to view its details

Click on the three dot menu

  1. Start: Start the task for tracking

  2. Finish: Mark the task as finished

  3. Edit: Edit the task. This is only available to you if you are the task creator or an admin

  4. View Comments: View comments associated

  5. Copy Link: Copy a link to give someone direct access to the task

  6. Cancel: Close the menu

If a task has already been started, you will not see an option to start the task. You will see the option to Revert the task. Reverting a task changes the status from Started to Not Started.

How to Accept or Reject a Task from mobile

If you are an approver on a task, you will get notified if a user has submitted a task as completed.

Click on the notification.

You will see any added comments. Next, tap View Task.

Next, select the three dot menu

  1. Accept: Accept the task as complete

  2. Reject: Reject the task and send it back the the designated user for completion

  3. Edit: If you are the task creator or an admin, you can edit the task

  4. View Comments: View any comments associated with the task. These comments include the submission comments provided by the user who completed the task

  5. Copy Link: Get a direct access link to the task

  6. Cancel: Close the menu

Reopen a Completed Task

If you have accepted a task, but need to reopen it, navigate to the the complete task. Then, click the three dot menu.

Next, click on Reopen. This will move the task from Completed, back to Pending.

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