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Posts are blog posts, company memos, newsletter, weekly updates, and more. Posts are typically published once and rarely edited later. The content is typically timely, and relevancy of the content decreases over time. As posts are much easier to create, share, and reach employees anywhere, they often replace mass emails, printed flyers, internal mail, etc. In addition, the digital nature of posts inherently encourages employee engagement via social actions such as comments, reactions, sharing, and analytics.

Typical use-cases of Posts

  • Company news & announcements

  • Department, team or office news and updates

  • Crisis or emergency communication

  • Human Resource-related communication

  • Sales wins and losses

  • Process updates

  • Weekly project updates

  • Company newsletter

  • Share a picture

  • Share a video

  • Share a podcast

  • Update from CEO or Leadership

  • Company quarterly updates

  • New employee introduction

  • Employee promotion news

  • Weekly status updates from Employees

  • Project status roll-up

  • Company and Team Event Announcement

  • Policy Updates and Announcement

  • [Customer Name] - Account plan

  • [Customer Name] - Customer success plan

  • [Case.number] - Case escalation

  • [Case.number] - Root cause analysis

  • Maintenance Work order

  • Team Okrs

  • Catchall Internal employee communication

  • Policy update notification with employee-read acknowledgement

To access posts, click on Posts on the bottom of the app. Note: You may need to click on More in order to see it

  1. All Posts: View all post that have been shared with you and/or team you are a member of.

  2. Announcements: See posts that have been designated as an Announcement

  3. Must Read: See posts that have been designated as Must Read

  4. Notifications: All your notifications for the site will be displayed here

  5. Filter: Filter posts by categories

  6. Subscribe: Subscribe to podcasts

  7. Pencil: Access menu options, including making a new post

The top menu bar also will display:

  1. Pinned: Posts you have pinned for quick access

  2. Drafts: Posts that you have started to create but have not published

  3. Scheduled: Posts that you have created and scheduled to be published out at a set date and time

View Posts

Viewing posts on your smart device is easy.

Click on any post that you want to view.

The post's display will optimize for your viewing screen.

  1. Three Dot Menu: Get menu options for interacting with the post. Options you see will vary based upon your permissions.

  2. Text to Speech: If the post creator has enabled text to speech, you can have the post read aloud, by clicking on the headphone icon.

  3. Reactions: See the reactions users given to the post

  4. Add a Reaction: Add your own reaction to the post

  5. Write a Comment: If the post creator has allowed it, you can add a comment to the post

  6. Views: See the total view count and who has viewed the post

  7. Pin It: Pin a post for easy access from your Pinned tab

Create a Post

In addition to being able to view posts on the MangoApps mobile app, you can also create posts as well.

Click on the Pencil icon in the app. Then, select Create a Post.

  1. Select if you want to share your post with a Team or Everyone in the company

  2. If you select Team you will need to select the team or teams you wish to share your post with

  3. Enter a Title for your post.

  4. Enter the text for your post. You can use the WYSIWYG editor to customize font size, bolding, italicizing, and more.

  5. Click the plus sign to

    1. Take a photo

    2. Add an image from you smart device gallery Note: You may need to give the app permission to access your photo gallery

    3. Record audio

    4. Attach a file

  6. Click on Next to continue

  1. Enable toggle to Allow Comments to be Posted. If you do not allow comments, users will only be able to read and post a reaction to the post, they will not be able to comment on it.

  2. Enable toggle to Mark it as a must read post. If you select this option, the post will have a Must Read flag on it.

  3. Enable toggle to Mark it as an announcement. Note: Only admins can mark a post as an announcement

  4. Schedule this post for a later date and time. Scheduling a post allows you to create a post ahead of time and have it posted at a date and time of your choosing

  5. Make post voice enabled. If you enable voice, your post be converted to voice which will allow them to listen to your post like a podcast.

  6. To share your post, click on Publish.


When is a notification triggered for Posts?

MangoApps sends notifications for the following activities on posts:‌

  • Announcements published in user's teams

  • Must read posts published in user's teams

  • Posts published in user's teams or from co-workers whom user is following

  • Posts published in user's pinned teams

  • Comments/replies on posts in user's teams or on posts from co-workers whom user is following

  • Comments/replies on posts in user's pinned teams

  • Comments/replies on posts created by the user

  • Edit of user's team posts or posts from co-workers whom user is following

  • Edit of posts created by the user

Can guest users create, edit, and collaborate on Posts?

Yes, guest users CAN create, edit, and collaborate on Posts in MangoApps.

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