Celebrate life events no matter where your employees are.


MangoApps Greetings module provides the tools to celebrate birthdays, life events & community milestones helping foster a sense of belonging at the workplace.

The Greetings tab allows you to see all Greetings that have been given, even if you do not follow the users.

To access Greetings, select it from the menu.

Scroll through and see all the greetings that have been shared on your site, even if it users you do not follow.

Send a Greeting

From the Greetings page, tap on the plus sign.

  1. Select if you want to send a Greeting to a Team or a Person.

  2. If you select Team, you will search for the Team in the field. If you select People, click the plus sign to search for the desired user.

  3. Select the Greeting type you want to send, you can select from:

    1. Birthday

    2. Congratulations

    3. Get Well

    4. Good Luck

    5. Goodbye

    6. Holidays

    7. New Baby

    8. Pregnancy

    9. Sympathy

    10. Thank You

    11. Wedding

  4. Enter a Message for your Greeting

  5. Once you are satisfied, tap Send

When you select a Greeting Category, you will see all the available greetings within that category,

Select the greeting you want to send

Then, tap Select

Finalize your greeting and tap on Send

The greeting will now appear both on the Greetings page and the recipient's page.

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