Complete cloud-based document organization, sharing, and storage solution for any business

The Files module enables you to have a secure document management system in your company. It helps you organize, share, and keep all your work files across different devices in sync.


To access file, click on the More link.

Next, click on Files

  1. Recently Accessed: See all files that you have recently accessed. This includes files that you have accessed via the mobile app and the web version.

  2. Pinned: This contains all files you have pinned for easy access

  3. Offline: This contains all file you have downloaded in system for access when you are without an internet connection

  4. All: This contains all folders available to you and the files within them

  5. Search: Search for desired document

Accessing Files

With the MangoApps for Mobile app you can access your files from any smart device.

  1. Click on any file to open it

  2. Click on the down arrow to open the file menu options

  3. Copy Link: Get a link to share with users for quick access to the file

  4. Share: Share file with other users

  5. Make Available Offline: Make the file accessible for offline consumption

  6. Access History: See who last accessed the file

  7. Rename: If you own the document, you can rename it

  8. Metadata: See the metadata of the file. This metadata can include Name, Size, Location, Usage, and File Type

  9. Like: Like a file. Also, if a file has received like, you can see who liked the file

  10. View Comments: If a file has received comments, you can review them here. You are also able to add comments after clicking on the link

  11. Pin It: Pin a file for easy access from your Pinned Files section

  12. Cancel: Close the file menu options

Upload a File

With the mobile app, you can not only access files, but you can also easily upload them as well.

From the files screen, click on the Pencil

Now, click on Upload Photo, Video, or File

  1. Take Photo or Video: Use your smart device to take a photo or video. The first time you select this option, you will be asked to grant permission for the system to access your camera and microphone

  2. Choose from Photo Gallery: Choose a photo or video from smart device to upload

  3. Record Audio: Record audio to upload. The first time you select this option, you may be asked to grant permission for the system to access your microphone

  4. Choose from Files: Choose from files saved on your smart device to upload

  5. Create Folder: Create a personal folder for storing files. This folder is only available to you. Folders created here will be available to you on the full web version of MangoApps as well

  6. Cancel: Close the file upload menu

Take a Photo or Video

Click on Take Photo or Video this will option your mobile device's camera.

Then, take your photo or video.

  1. Retake: Retake the photo

  2. Upload: Upload the photo or video

  3. Description: Enter a description for the file. The character limit is 300 characters

  4. Drive: Select the drive the uploaded photo or video should be placed in

Select Choose from Photo Gallery

Then, select the image or images you want to upload. You can upload a maximum of 10 images at one time.

Then, click on Next

  1. Enter a Description for your image. You are limited to 300 characters

  2. Add additional images and videos if desired

  3. Select the drive the image/video will be stored

  4. Click on upload to upload your image/video

Record Audio

Select Record Audio.

Then tap the Audio button.

You may need to give permission to the system to access your device's microphone.

Once you are finished with the audio recording, tap the red button again.

  1. Your recording, you can preview it by tapping the Play button

  2. Enter a Description for your recording. The description has a limit of 300 characters

  3. Select the drive you want to save your recording in

  4. If you are dissatisfied with the recording, click on Retake

  5. Once you are satisfied, click on Upload

Choose from Files

Select the Choose from Files option,

  1. Browse your device for the desired file(s)

  2. Select a file to upload

  3. Cancel the file selection/upload process

  4. Search for the desired file

  5. Folders on your device

  6. Files on your device you have accessed recently

  7. Browse your device for the desired file(s)

  1. Uploaded file

  2. File information: This information includes name and file size

  3. Enter a description for your file. The description must be 300 characters or fewer

  4. Add any additional desired files

  5. Select the drive the file(s) will be housed

  6. Upload your file(s)

Create a Folder

Select Create a Folder

  1. Select a Folder Name

  2. Select the Drive the folder will be housed under

  3. Click Cancel to stop the folder creation process

  4. Click on Create to create the new folder

To configure more detailed settings for uploaded files and created folders, you will need to use the full web version of MangoApps

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