Calendar keeps schedules organized, updated and in-sync

The calendar module allows you a a complete view of meetings, events, deadlines, tasks, and more. With MangoApps calendar, you can see everything on the calendar in MangoApps, or sync with an external calendar.


From the app, click the More option, then select Calendar

  1. Filter your calendar to control what event types are displayed

  2. Add an event or reminder

  3. View by Day

  4. View by current Week

  5. View by Month

  6. Your Calendar display

Filter Your Calendar

When you click on the filter icon, you can filter you calendar.

Simply select the event type or types that you want to see.

You can select between:

  • Holidays and Important Dates

  • Birthdays Only

  • Custom Events Only

  • My Reminders Only

  • My Events Only

  • All Events

Create an Event or Reminder

From your calendar, click on the plus sign.

  1. Plan An Event: Create an event. You can select from:

    1. Out of office

    2. Company Event

    3. Appointment

    4. Team Event

    5. Outing

  2. Set a Reminder: Reminders will only appear on your calendar

  3. Cancel the creation process

Plan An Event

  1. Select the event type from the following options:

    1. Meeting

    2. Out of Office

    3. Appointment

    4. Team Event

    5. Company Event

  2. Title your event and choose the color

  3. Select Where the event will take place

  4. Add Notes for your event

  5. Select the event Date

  6. Select event Start time

  7. Select event End time

  8. Select the time zone. It will default to your timezone

  9. If applicable Add Attendees

  10. If you want to invite an entire team, click on Invite Team

  11. To send an invite via email, click on Invite via Email

Create a Reminder

Select Create a Reminder

  1. Create a short note for your reminder

  2. Set the date and time you would like the notification to trigger

  3. Select the color the reminder will appear on your calendar

  4. Select if you would like create a recurrence. If you enable this, you will set at what time schedule you would like the reminders

  5. Once you are satisfied, click on Save

To do further actions, such as sync your calendar, you will need to use the full web version of MangoApps.

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