Navigation & Branding FAQs

How to use quick access to go to your recently visited items?

As you use MangoApps web, a quick access list is automatically built to give you single click access to everything you use. This quick access list is automatically ordered by most recently accessed items on top. Learn about how to use it here

How to perform email branding?

Email Branding helps create an identity for the domain and helps improve engagement of the community. Learn about how to do email branding here

How to set a module as the landing page for all users?

The landing page is the page on which the users land post login. Choose a landing page as per where you wan't your employees to start from. Commonly used landing pages are Dashboard, Newsfeed, Posts or Company. Learn about how to setup a landing page

How to organize menus & pages?

As an Intranet admin or network admin you can choose to organize the menus and pages to display content per your site or team requirements. Learn about how to create & organize menus/pages here

How to setup a domain-wide banner?

Banners present important information to your entire MangoApps community. Banners can include text and links. Learn how to setup a domain-wide banner here.

How to customize MangoApps to use my company logo?

Domain admins have the option to upload your own company logo. Learn how to upload your company logo here

How do I configure the left hand primary navigation?

Left hand primary navigation can be customized by the domains admins for all users. Learn how to setup the left hand navigation for all users

How can I create project categories?

Categories can be used to categorize the projects. Learn how to create project categories.

How can I customize MangoApps using custom CSS?

Customizing MangoApps directly using CSS Is supported.Learn more about how to add your CSS into MangoApps here

How can we change our MangoApps URL?

Your MangoApps URL is based on your company's email address. For example, if your company email is [email protected] your MangoApps domain becomes “” for shared cloud hosted domains.
We support vanity domain URL’s for private cloud and on-premise deployments.

Why is a logo with transparent background better?

You may want to have a logo with a transparent background because administrators can change the background color of pages within MangoApps. When the background color is changed, a logo with a transparent background will automatically fit in to the new color scheme. Learn more about logo and other customizations here.