Forms & Trackers FAQs

How to import data into an existing tracker?

MangoApps allows you to export populated data from a Tracker and at the same time allows you to import new data into an existing Tracker. Importing saves you from adding data to an existing Tracker using a manual process which is tedious and time-consuming.Learn on how to create a tracker and import data during creation here.

How to use Form & Trackers for change requests in Mangoapps?

There may be several instances where you would like to track a change request in a company or a team inside an organization in order to take some action on it at a later point in time.Learn more on how you can create forms here.

How to clone a tracker from one team to another team in MangoApps?

If you want a tracker with its column/attributes and data to be cloned/copied from one team to another, then you can achieve this from ‘Admin Tools’ of the tracker.Admin tool will be visible to the ‘Tracker Creator’, ‘Team admin of the team where the tracker is created’ and ‘Network admin’.Learn more on how you can clone a tracker here.

How do I edit an existing tracker’s design?

A Network/Team may need to edit the design of an existing form and tracker in order to collect some additional details from different users resulting in addition/deletion of columns or fields. Learn how to edit and filter tracker columns.

How do I use Forms & Trackers in MangoApps?

Forms and trackers can be added to your workspaces to collect and store data. You create a Form first, this is usually how entries will populate into a tracker. Trackers are searchable databases that archive information.Learn how to create forms and trackers here.

Why should I use Trackers in MangoApps?

With trackers, you can maintain all the information you don’t want to forget right in MangoApps without the complicated setup of a traditional database. Just like any other database, you can do data mining to find the information that is important to your company.Learn more on the Forms and Tracker module here.