Integration with OC Tanner


OC Tanner is a rewards and recognition platform utilized by organizations globally to acknowledge and reward their employees. With the latest enhancements in MangoApps trackers, it is now possible to seamlessly integrate reward events from OC Tanner into MangoApps. This guide provides comprehensive instructions on setting up this integration for efficient utilization.

OC Tanner Integration Setup

Step 1: Set Authorization

  1. Gather the following details from the client side:

    • API URL

    • Client Key

    • Client Secret Code

  2. Encode the Client Key and Client Secret Code to create a "Base 64 Authorization Token".

Step 2: Establish Connection and Access Token Creation

Using any third-party API tool (for the purpose of this walkthrough, we will be using PostMan), first generate the authorization token using the Post Method, followed by the GET method to receive the event details.

  1. Generate the authorization token using the POST method with the API URL:

  2. Add a new parameter in the Header section:

    • Key: Authorization

    • Value: Basic followed by the Base64 encoded value generated in Step 1. Example: Basic<space>Base64_encoded_value

  3. Switch to the Body tab and add a new key as grant_type with the value client_credentials.

  1. Click on Send and copy the generated access_token value from the Response field.

This value is set to expire within a couple of minutes, so a new authentication token will need to be generated each time event details need to be fetched.

Step 3: Retrieve Events

  1. Using the GET Method in PostMan, we will access the GET Events via the URL:

  2. Add the access_token generated in Step 2 as a header:

    • Key: Authorization

    • Value: Bearer followed by the β€œaccess_token” copied from Step 2. Example: Bearer<space>access token

  1. Click Send to receive all available rewards/recognition events from OC Tanner.

MangoApps Integration Setup

To set up the integration in MangoApps, create a tracker and proceed through the Data Source, Column Mapping, and Schedule Settings steps.

Step 1: Tracker Creation

  1. Create a new tracker in MangoApps and add relevant columns.

  2. From the Tracker Tools dropdown menu, select Data Uploader.

  1. Select Upload or Add Sources from the pop-up menu and add the following details:

Data Source: HTTPS

Data URL:

Authorization Type: Token Based

Auth Token URL:


  • Key: Authorization

  • Value: Output of Step 1


  • Key: grant_type

  • Value: client_credentials

Data entry will appear similar to this:

  1. Click Test Connection to verify successful access.

Step 2: Column Mapping

Map the columns in the tracker with the input columns from the OC Tanner data. Ensure alignment between manually added columns and data from OC Tanner.

To show names and user profile images, users must exist within your MangoApps domain.

By default, OC Tanner refers to Employee ID as a user identifier.

Step 3: Schedule Settings

In this section, you can define the synchronization cycle between OC Tanner and MangoApps. This ensures that data is updated at regular intervals, maintains accuracy, and keeps consistency across platforms. Additionally, this section includes the option to enable or disable schedule activation, providing flexibility in managing when synchronization occurs, allowing users to optimize resource usage and minimize disruptions during critical operations.

Save the configuration or click on the Save & Fetch Now to retrieve the results immediately.

Tracker Widget Setup

By creating a tracker widget, users are able to convert the tracker table view into an easily accessed graphical view. from the Tools dropdown menu in the newly created tracker, click Add Table to Widget Gallery. By doing this, the tracker table will now be available in the widget gallery for further configuration.

Formatting the Tracker Widget

Navigate to the Widget Gallery and select the created Tracker widget.

By default the widget will display the data in tabular form, this view can be converted to a different style as per your requirements.

From the Customize View window, choose the view type of List & Details and map the list options to an appropriate field of your choice.

From the Detail View, you can upload a banner image of your choice. This image will be displayed for all rewards uploaded via this tracker.

Save the widget settings to display rewards data.

Click on each reward to view a pop-up menu with complete details. Use the slider option to navigate through the rewards at your leisure.

Security Considerations

Authentication is done using the ClientKey and the Secret provided by OC Tanner (client side), although the API URL is global, these keys are unique to the client site so only the data specific to these ClientKey and Secret combination can be fetched. All API calls are made using TLS protocol to avoid any data breach. Once the data is synced to MangoApps, it is encrypted and stored in a secured cloud. Any failures will be recorded in the Data Uploader logs and additional information related to failures can be fetched from server logs.

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