Integration with Rise Vision


Digital Signage is an essential tool for effective communication in today's dynamic business environment, and the seamless integration of Rise Vision with MangoApps Digital Signage allows you to effortlessly display your curated content.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to integrate your MangoApps Digital Signage content into your Rise Vision digital signage system. We will cover creating a Schedule within Rise Vision using MangoApps domain content and configuring external displays.

Step 1: Add a New Schedule

To get started, we will create a new Schedule within your Rise Vision account. From your Dashboard, navigate to the Schedules tab and click the Add Schedule button.

After you have been redirected to the schedule editor, name your new Schedule. Next, we will need to create a new Playlist using your MangoApps domain content. To do this, click "Add Playlist Item" from the Playlist section. From the dropdown menu, select URL to bring up the Add Playlist Item menu.

Selecting Presentation will allow you to add any Presentations you’ve created with Rise Vision Templates or external content such as YouTube videos, slideshows, images, and webpages. We will not be utilizing this function for this specific integration setup.

Navigate to the Digital Signage Settings within your MangoApps Admin Portal and copy the generated URL. Paste this URL into the URL section within the Add Playlist Item Menu in your Rise Vision workspace.

Fill in information for the Playlist Item’s Duration, Timeline, and Transition style to your preferences. Then, click Add to save your playlist.

If the connection is successful, you will now see the active playlist in your Schedules menu. Upon saving your Schedule, wait for the window to refresh. You will now be able to preview your saved Schedule.

Step 2: Connect to External Display

In order to host your new digital signage Schedule on external displays, your devices will need to be registered and connected to the Rise Vision software.

On the Rise Vision website, click on the Displays tab from the top navigation menu. From this tab, Select Add Display.

Fill in the Create a Display information as follows:

  1. Enter your desired Display Name.

  2. Input the Activation Code shown on your TV screen.

  3. Select the Schedule set up in Step 1 of this walkthrough.

Click Save.

If the connection is successful, your Schedule will now begin to play on your connected display.

Within the current Rise Vision window, you will also see a Live Screenshot of the external display feed.

The left-hand menu offers extra configuration choices for your Digital Signage Schedule on the current display, such as the ability to configure the Default Schedule for this display. Of note, enabling the Override Alerts option allows you to continue displaying your schedule’s default Playlist Items even when an Alert is scheduled to be displayed for that time. This setting may be of use when your schedule contains critical information that should not be overridden by emergency alerts. For information about Rise Vision Emergency Alerts, click here.

Congratulations! You have successfully integrated your MangoApps Digital Signage content into your Rise Vision digital signage system. Your audience will now experience a seamless display of curated content on your digital signage screens.

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