Integration with Appspace


The Appspace digital signage solution facilitates the connection between internal digital workplaces and external-facing digital signage displays. For companies already utilizing Appspace, MangoApps can be seamlessly integrated into their existing setup or can be provided as a standalone service to display devices connected through mobile and display apps. This integration aims to improve communication efficiency and boost employee engagement. With Appspace, administrators have the capability to establish sequential or hybrid playlists of media. In this guide, we will walk through the process of setting up a hybrid content screen where MangoApps can be seamlessly incorporated.

Setup in MangoApps

For this integration, we will need the API key generated from MangoApps. This key will be used when configuring the Digital Signage. From your MangoApps domain, navigate to Admin Portal > Integration > Open API and copy the following key:

With the API key noted, we will now need to configure the Digital Signage module. From the Admin Portal, navigate to the Domain module, then select the Digital Signage tab. Here, toggle the Enable Digital Signage ON to enable configuration mode.

Next, paste the copied API key into the provided field. Review the content type settings to ensure the correct items are displayed and in the desired quantities. Once verified, click the Save button to apply the changes. This process ensures that the Digital Signage setup is properly configured and ready for use.

Now, we need the URL that will be used when setting up the configuration on the Appspace setup. Copy the URL from here:

This completes the MangoApps side of setup.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Set up Appspace

Log in to your Appspace account. Select Channels from along the left hand navigation menu.

Create a Channel

From the Channels navigation menu, click on Advanced Channel. The click the + Create Channel button to start creating your channel.

Clicking this button will bring up the Create Advanced Channel menu. From this menu, name the new channel and (optionally) upload an icon. Once satisfied, click the Create button.

Once you have created your channel, it will be listed within the advanced channel list. Click on the newly created channel and navigate to the edit menu.

To select the media needed for the hybrid layout, click on the + Add Media button. This action will open another window where you can choose the desired media to display.

For our integration, navigate to the Templates tab. From the Legacy options, select Web (Legacy).

Copy and Paste the Digital Signage URL from MangoApps into the Website URL field within Appspace.

Upon saving, the MangoApps screen will now show in the layout designer.

From the Properties section of the layout designer, set the screen size to a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Similarly, add other media content like videos, news channels, Weather, Time, and more from the App Gallery. After adding the required media to the layout, save and close the designer layout window.

Next, return to the advance channel layout page and click on Preview to verify all media is aligned and rendering properly.

Connecting Display Devices

In order to publish this channel, you will need to register a device.

From within the Appspace website, click the Publish tab. Then click the Register a device button along the right hand side of the menu.

Enter the 6-digit PIN shown on the App into the Appspace device registration page.

Click on the Register button to begin syncing the data from the Appspace website to your digital signage device.

Congratulations! You have completed the integration!

End User Experience

This is how the display device will show the mixed hybrid content

Testing Considerations

  • When setting up the URL on MangoApps after entering the API key, it's important to click on the Preview button to verify that the content is accessible on the web at the source.

  • After creating the Channel with all required media, ensure to click on the Preview button to confirm the correct placement of all sections within the selected layout. Additionally, verify that the media is displaying without any errors.

  • Once the devices are paired, they should automatically play the selected channel without requiring manual intervention.

  • For multiple locations or facilities where a variety of mixed content is desired, it's recommended that each screen has its own Channel with selected media. This ensures that the content displayed is tailored to the specific needs of each location or facility.

Security Considerations

Keep MangoApps API key and ScreenCloud 6-digit PIN confidential as they can be used to directly affect monitors being used for Digital Signage.

Rollout Recommendations

  • Identify the locations and the devices where this Digital Signage needs to be played

  • Install the Appspace Device Apps on all necessary devices (if not already installed)

  • Pair all the devices with the correct screens set on the Appspace admin portal.

  • If devices are already installed and there are pre-existing Channels, make sure to modify the template to include MangoApps content.

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