Digital Signage Integrations

Push Intranet Content to Your Existing Digital Signage System

Elevate your organization’s communication efficiency across platforms to maximize impact in various settings, from frontline stores to corporate offices.

Effortless Digital Content

Incorporate Company-Wide Alerts, Posts, and Recognitions already published in your MangoApps intranet, efficiently migrating existing content that updates in real-time into your Digital Signage provider’s platform. MangoApps’ Digital Signage automatically displays posts published in your intranet, eliminating redundant content creation efforts and mixing domain content into the media you’re already displaying.

Engage Your Employees

Elevate your organization’s communication efficiency across multiple platforms for maximum impact in various settings, from retail stores to corporate offices. Display live updates and current intranet content that employees can view directly on their mobile devices by scanning a QR code shown on the display. Increase overall engagement by including Recognitions in your Digital Signage feed to highlight employees in public spaces.

Integrate with External Providers

Leverage our robust integration capabilities to connect your company’s intranet content to external Digital Signage displays. Easily add MangoApps content into your existing Digital Signage media feeds within your provider’s platform, all without any additional IT support. MangoApps’ Digital Signage seamlessly integrates with third-party digital signage providers, such as Rise Vision, Monitors AnyWhere, ScreenCloud, and more.

Customize Your Visual Experience

Enable both Digital Signage and content configuration all from your domain’s Admin Portal. Choose which content types to display, from Company Alerts and Posts to Recognitions. Configure how many recent posts you want to display and customize your background color to create a visual experience that matches your organization’s unique brand.

Benefits of Integrating Digital Signage

Integrating digital signage with MangoApps content enhances communication efficiency, ensures all employees stay informed with real-time updates, and fosters a culture of recognition and inclusivity. This approach boosts engagement, keeps content fresh, and reaches every corner of the organization, reinforcing a unified and motivated workforce.

Streamlined Communication This is fundamental as it ensures that critical information, such as urgent updates and consistent messaging, is efficiently disseminated to all employees, maintaining operational coherence and safety. Cultivation of Recognition Culture Recognizing and valuing employees' contributions publicly is crucial for morale and motivation, fostering a positive work environment and encouraging excellence. Enhanced Visibility and Engagement Keeping employees informed and engaged is essential for a cohesive company culture and ensures that everyone is aligned with company goals, news, and achievements. Dynamic and Fresh Content The ability to automatically refresh content keeps the information relevant and engaging, ensuring employees remain informed without feeling overwhelmed by stale or repetitive messages. Broad Reach and Inclusivity Extending content reach ensures that important information and recognitions are accessible to all employees, promoting inclusivity and ensuring that no one is left out due to their role or location within the company.

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