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Make your digital work hub unique with the largest set of enterprise integrations on the market.


An Integrated Dashboard

Empower employees to access the tools they need without leaving their MangoApps dashboard.
  • Our integrations aren’t just links. We offer native functionality to the tools you need directly on your dashboard.
  • Integrations don’t require IT-expertise. It takes minutes to set up and works out of the box.
  • Our team can churn out custom-built solutions for whatever you need. You can also build custom integrations using Open APIs or webhooks.

Modern Intranet for Microsoft 365

Make Microsoft 365 work for you by giving it a customizable dashboard and social intranet layer.

Modern Intranet for Google Workspace

Wrap G Suite’s tools and content into a rich employee experience that brings everything together in one cohesive platform.

Single Sign-on System Integrations

We can serve as your SSO provider, or you can integrate with whichever one you use.

File Storage & Sharing Integrations

MangoApps integrates with whatever platform your company keeps its files on, allowing you to share items quickly with your teams.

Email, Slack & Conferencing System Integrations

Answer emails and chats from a single window, and bring your conferencing solutions into our shared calendar.

Microsoft 365 Integrations

Add interactive Outlook, Calendar, and SharePoint widgets to dashboards. Employees can open and edit documents inside of MangoApps, keeping everything in one platform.

Google Workspace Integrations

Our interactive widgets let you put your G Suite apps into a dashboard alongside all the other tools you use.

SAML Compliant SSO Provider

Use MangoApps as an Identity Provider
If you don’t already have an SSO solution, MangoApps can serve as one, allowing your users to log into all these systems.

Embed Content From Other Platforms

Ensure content from various sites is engaging and interactive whenever it is linked from within MangoApps.

Payroll, CRM & Other Integrations

Pull detailed information from a variety of business apps, allowing them to populate tickets and updates into your notification feed, which you can address without leaving the page.

Extend Using Our Open APIs

Using MangoApps' Open APIs, developers can extend MangoApps to create custom web, desktop, or mobile apps for their business. The MangoApps Open API supports data in XML and JSON formats. As proof of its versatility, MangoApps' own mobile and desktop clients are built using these APIs. To start, simply register for a MangoApps account and follow the provided steps.
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