People List

Quickly find the co-worker you want to start a chat or do a video call with

People list makes it easy to find users to chat or do a video call with. It lists all the users in your company.

From the chat window, click on People on the right-hand side menu.

A list of users will appear.

You can sort the list by Presence Status or Name.

Sorting by name will list all users in alphabetical order.

Presence will group users by: Online, Do Not Disturb, Idle, Offline.

  1. Online - The user is logged-in / connected and can receive messages in real time

  2. Idle - The user is away from his PC or device. They will receive the messages but they may not see it until they are back on their PC or device.

  3. Do Not Disturb - The user has set a Do Not Disturb mode. They will not be notified of the message sent to them. They will receive your messages after they come out of the do not disturb mode.

  4. Offline - The user is not logged in / connected. They will receive the messages you send them when they next login/connect.

The gamification level will display to the right of the the users name

To start a chat with a user from the list, simply click on their name.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I see guest users from my team in the people list? Yes, guest users who are members of teams you belong to will appear in the people list.

  2. I don't see a person I am looking for in the people list, how do I find them? Search for the user in the search bar. You may also click on the refresh symbol to refresh the search to ensure that you are pulling the latest list from the server.

  3. I chat with a few people most of the time. Is there an easier way to access them quickly? Yes, from the chat window, click the star at the top of the screen. This will star the chat and move it to your starred chats section.

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