1-to-1 Chat, Video & Audio

Use the desktop app for quick 1-to-1 chat, audio & video calls

With the Mac and Windows desktop app, you have an easy to use interface for start and continue your 1-to-1 chats with co-workers

Using the App

From the app:

  1. Start a Chat: Search for a user or users to start a chat session with. You can click on the left-hand bar or the center chat window

  2. Create a Chat Group: Create a group chat comprising of any users in the system. You can click on the left-hand bar or the center chat window

Start a Chat

  1. Type the name of a user to chat with

  2. Click on Go to start your chat session.

You can also click on a user's name from the Recent Conversations to restart a chat session with

Chat Window Features

  1. Mark a message as Important. Important messages will get flagged as important. They will also have a unique audible alert and remain at the top of the recipient's notification list until the message is read.

  2. Require a Read Receipt. You will get a read receipt when the user reads your message. The read receipt will stay next the message.

  3. Send a gif

  4. Attach a file

  5. Start an Audio/Video call.

  6. Start a Screen Share.

  7. See all Notifications

  8. Search for People to start a chat with

  9. Search Teams to start a chat with

  10. Review Settings

Video and Audio Call

To start an audio/video call from the app, click on the phone icon.

You will be asked to confirm you wish to start an audio/video call. Click on send to send a link to the selected user to join the call.

  1. See the total duration of your call

  2. Acquire a Share Link. You can share the call with up to two users.

  3. Mute or Unmute your microphone as needed

  4. Turn off or turn on your webcam as needed

  5. View participants in the call

  6. Leave the call

You can invite non-network users on the call.

If you inadvertently leave an audio/video call, you can rejoin, as long as one other user is still on the call.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the max call duration allowed, per video call?

MangoApps, video call (1-1) is allowed for 60 minutes and after 60 minutes the video call automatically gets ended and all of the participated users get notified.

How many number of users can join the MangoApps video call?

Max of 3 users are allowed to join the video call.

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